Township Clerk’s Office

Primary Election 2022

The New Jersey Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. If you received a mail-in ballot, you have the option of depositing it in the secure drop box located at the Holmdel Senior/Community Center (6 Crawfords Corner Road). We have posted a picture of the secure drop box below for your reference.

The drop box is under video surveillance and will be emptied by Monmouth County election officials on a daily basis. 

The deadline to drop your mail-in ballot in the secure drop box is June 7, 2022 at 8:00pm.

Once mailed or dropped off, you can track your ballot through Monmouth County's Ballottrax system, available here.

Drop Box Cropped


  • Administers records management and election procedures in accordance with State Statutes and Town Charter and Code of Ordinances; attends Town Council meetings and prepares minutes
  • Acts as the Town election official and coordinates all activities relating to the Election Process for all elections
  • Maintains Town records and provides records and documents to the public and staff
  • Interprets State, County and Town rules and regulations for records management and election procedures
  • Attends all council meetings and prepares council agendas for regular meetings, special meetings, workshops and committee meeting packets
  • Prepares and finalizes meeting minutes for Town Council approval
  • Prepares and finalized minutes for Committee and Board meetings
  • Indexes ordinances and resolutions
  • Prepares proclamations and certificates
  • Prepares legal notices and advertisements as required by New Jersey state statutes

Public Records

The Open Public Records Act contained substantial revisions to Chapter 73, PL 1963 the New Jersey Right to Know Law that had governed the public’s access to government records for almost 40 years.

The Open Public Records Act provides that all government records shall be subject to public access unless exempt from such access by the provisions of the Act; any statute; a resolution of either or both houses of the legislature; a regulation promulgated under the authority of a statute or Executive Order of the Governor; an Executive Order of the Governor; Rules of the Court; or any federal law, federal regulation or federal order.

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