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  1. "Holmdel Forward" Business Resource Center - Feedback Form

    Please use this form to provide the Holmdel Township with feedback on the most urgent needs among the Holmdel business community during... More…

  2. Custodial Services - 2021

    The Township of Holmdel is requesting bids for high quality professional custodial services for various Township facilities.

  1. 2021 Concessions Bid: Ices/Ice Cream Vending Services at Cross Farm Park/Phillips Park

    The purpose of these bid specifications is to provide Holmdel Township with exclusive vending for ices and ice cream service for... More…

Municipal Clerk Forms

  1. Volunteer Boards, Commissions and Committees Application

    Holmdel Township's strength is derived from the citizen leaders who volunteer to serve on our boards and commissions. Board members are... More…


  1. House Check Form

    Residential Patrol

Zoning / Housing / Fire Forms

  1. Ask the Fire Official

    Ask the Fire Official

  2. Board of Health Form for Zoning

    Board of Health Form for Zoning

  1. Ask the Zoning Officer

    Ask the Zoning Officer