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The Holmdel Environmental Commission (HEC), established by the Township Committee in 1973, is an advisory body of Township residents appointed by the Mayor. The responsibilities of the HEC are to:

  • Maintain an inventory of open space properties, publicly or privately owned, in the township
  • Maintain an inventory of natural and environmental resources in the township
  • Design, construct, and maintain trails on township properties and conduct public walks on these trails
  • Publicize our activities and accomplishments by advertising, preparing, printing and distributing reports, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets
  • Identify, research, and advise the Mayor and Township Committee on environmental issues that may affect the township and/or its residents
  • Review development applications and make recommendations to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Review the Master Plan and make recommendations to the Planning Board

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Funding for the Environmental Commission is appropriated by the Township Committee as part of the Township’s annual budget. In addition, the Commission seeks grants from the state and other sources to fund specific projects.


In 1968, the NJ State Legislature passed a law authorizing municipalities to set up conservation commissions that would be advisory bodies on natural resource planning and protection, and open space issues. In 1972 the State Legislature amended the law, expanding the commissions’ responsibilities to other areas of environmental concern such as pollution prevention and control, solid waste management, noise control and environmental appearance. At that time the name was changed to environmental commissions. Today environmental commissions are local environmental advocates involved in a broad range of activities.

Commission Members

NameTerm LengthTerm Expiration
Karen Strickland (Commission Chair)Three YearsDecember 31, 2023
Chiung-Yin Cheng LiuThree YearsDecember 31, 2023
Gary Vanderham (Planning Board Liaison)Three YearsDecember 31, 2025
Jill PerezThree YearsDecember 31, 2025
Randy Rauscher (Vice Chair 2)Three YearsDecember 31, 2024
Anthony Salerno Three YearsDecember 31, 2025
Ralph Blumenthal (Vice Chair)Three YearsDecember 31, 2024
Chiung-yin Cheng LiuThree YearsDecember 31, 2025
Janet Jackel (Alternate #1)
Three YearsDecember 31, 2025
John Galasso (Alternate #2)
Two YearsDecember 31, 2023
Loretta Coscia (Commission Secretary)

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