Sources & Programs for Juveniles

School & Law Enforcement Programs

The Holmdel Community provides many sources and programs for juveniles to participate in, whether through school programs or law enforcement programs. The Holmdel Township Police Department Juvenile Bureau actively participates in the Holmdel Township Police Department Youth Academy, the Holmdel Drug and Alliance Program, the Holmdel Kiwanis Key Club and the Holmdel Township Police Department Police Explorer Post to mention just a few.

If any parent would like to participate as a volunteer on any of the youth programs or volunteer their services as a member of the Juvenile Conference Committee please contact the Juvenile Bureau. In addition, there are several programs available to juveniles and/or their parents to assist with any crisis the family and/or juvenile may be experiencing.

Please contact Detective Andrew Kret for further information on any programs at 732-946-9690, ext. 1713.