Weddings at Bayonet Farm

Bayonet Farm Wedding Information

Dreaming of a one of kind setting for your special occasion? A place that will sweep you back to more simpler days? Then Bayonet Farm is the place for your occasion. Bayonet Farm is a 240 acre publicly owned park within Holmdel Township. The natural beauty of Bayonet Farm provides a spectacular backdrop for your special event. The historic buildings, scenic trails, rolling lawns and acres of actively farmed lands will envelope you and your guests with the glow of peace and tranquility of the past. 

The Red Barn is available for rental. The Red Barn was built in the 1930's and can accommodate up to 100 people for your dancing part of the evening. The Red Barn also has modern bathroom facilities.

For more information, contact 732-946-2820 ext. 1225 or email Bayonet Farm.

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