Park Partners

Holmdel Township Park Partners

The goal of the Holmdel Township Park Partners Program is to build a sense of community, pride and ownership around every park, trail and public space. This is a volunteer public service program that encourages Holmdel organizations and individuals to make significant contributions toward maintaining the high quality of Holmdel's public space. By participating, you contribute to a cleaner environment in your neighborhood and you allow the Township to conserve and redirect resources.

Becoming a Park Partner is a great way for local groups, individuals or organizations to get involved in the community. Partners help keep the parks safe and clean. This can be done through individual efforts, small group parties, or large community events.

How do I become a Park Partner?

• Fill out a Holmdel Township Park Partners Application 

• Set up a meeting with the Holmdel Township Park Partners Coordinator to discuss adoption details and create a park work plan based on adopted park and group needs

• Receive Township approved Work Plan signed by Township representative and Partner prior to beginning project

• Complete outlined tasks

What types of tasks and projects can be done in parks, trails and public spaces?

There are many different projects for Partners. Each space has different needs and weather and time of year also play a role in determining park projects as each season brings different challenges.

Examples of typical projects:

• Litter pick up

• Trail Maintenance

• Graffiti removal

• Flower planting and landscape bed maintenance

• Pruning

• Spread bark dust/wood chips

• Wash play equipment

• Remove invasive plants

• Raking leaves

• Painting

• Eagle Scout & Silver/Gold Projects

• Other projects will be considered upon request

Who can participate?

Local groups, families, individuals, businesses or other organizations can become Park Partners. These may include:

• Businesses

• Civic groups

• Individuals

• Neighborhood associations

• Religious organizations

• Schools (school groups and teams)

• Service organizations

• Other community organizations

What is the time commitment?

Commitments vary depending on the project proposal and written work plan agreement. Projects can last one day or through the course of an entire year. No project will last longer than a calendar year. Partners wishing to continue work should reapply each year.

Is it free to become a Park Partner?

It is free; however, time commitments are needed to complete outlined tasks.

This is a volunteer program and no monetary compensation will be made by the Township. The Township may provide supplies and equipment necessary to complete the outlined tasks.

What are the Park Partners Guidelines?

Due to safety and liability issues, strict guidelines are in place. Violators of policies and procedures will be removed from the program.

• Under no circumstances shall work be completed without a signed work plan agreement and proper waivers being submitted.

• The parks/trails/spaces will be assigned to groups on a first-come, first-served basis to be determined by the Park Partners Coordinator.

• Each group will receive volunteer waiver forms that must be completed annually and prior to any work being started.

• Work is to be completed during park hours only.

• All participants should be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.

• Appropriate clothing and gloves as well as any safety equipment identified by Township personnel should be worn at all times.

• All participants are to follow the park policies set by the Township.

• Special projects that go beyond the original scope must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director in advance.

• The use of power tools is strictly prohibited.

Available Parks

The following parks, trails and spaces are currently available for partnership:

• Ackerson Park

• Allocco Park

• Bayonet Farm

• Cross Farm

• Labbe Park

• Phillips Park

• Veterans memorial Park

• Mahoras Greenway

• Ramaniessin Brook Greenway

• Neil Waackaack Preserve

• F&F Trail


After completing the first 40 hours of work Partners will be eligible for:

• A recognition Proclamation.

• All volunteers will be eligible to attend the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.

• All groups will receive an official Township of Holmdel Park Partners program t-shirt to be worn during work days.

• Work days and completed projects will be advertised on the town’s website and/or social media.

For additional information and questions, call 732-946-2820 ext. 1227 or email