Permits & Special Events

Construction and Fire Prevention Permit Requirements for Public and Private Events  

When a public or private event is held on public or private land, certain permits and approvals are required in advance of holding the event. Permit applications and approvals are obtained through the Department of Community Development. The Department does not regulate nor approve the holding of the event. Rather, what is regulated are certain activities, equipment, and structures that are part of the event. The most common are listed below. 

Examples of Events  

Examples of public & private events include carnivals, fairs, block parties, outdoor weddings, fire work displays, concerts, and public gatherings. All required permits must be obtained prior to the event. Inspections must be scheduled with the respective Departments prior to the event and are required to pass before the event can be held. If there are no activities, equipment, or structures requiring permit or approvals, the event is not regulated by the Department and thus no permits nor approvals are required. Please note that certain events may require approval by the Township Committee, police department, Township Clerk, or other agencies.

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