Recreation advisory Committee

The Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Parks and Recreation and to the Township Administrator on matters affecting the recreation programs of the Township with the RAC's recommendations forwarded to the Township Committee for its consideration and decision as necessary. 

The scope of RAC's advisory capacity on matters affecting recreation programs include the following:
  • Advise on matters involving recreation programs of the Township, including recreational activities, events and facilities.
  • Advise on the planning, scheduling and maintenance of recreational fields and facilities, including the usage of facilities as they relate to recreational programs, activities and events.
  • Advise on the repair and maintenance of parks and playgrounds.
  • Provide recommendations for changes in use and design of recreational facilities.
  • Research and investigate new trends in recreation programs and activities.
  • Advise on the budget for recreational activities including fees and expenses.
  • Recommend rules for the use of Holmdel Township parks and recreational facilities.
NameTerm LengthExpiration Date
Mary CorrgianOne YearDecember 31, 2023
Jason Dulow
One YearDecember 31, 2023
Debbie Brew
One YearDecember 31, 2023

The Recreation Advisory Committee's membership also includes representatives from the following organizations:

  • Holmdel Board of Education
  • Holmdel Theatre Company
  • Holmdel Youth Activities Association
  • Holmdel Football Association
  • Holmdel Half Century Club
  • Holmdel Football Club
  • Citizens for Informed Land Use
  • Special Education Parents Advisory Committee