Businesses Registration

Registering a Business  

Filing for municipal approvals to operate a business can be complicated. Here we detail the approval process and the required documents and certificates needed in order to obtain the required municipal approvals from the Department of Community Development for you to legally operate your business. This includes:

  • Registering your business with the Fire Prevention Bureau to obtain a Non-Life Hazard Certificate;
  • Obtaining your Occupancy Certificate of Compliance; and,
  • Obtaining your Zoning Commencement of Use .

The staff at the Department of Community Development is committed to helping you.

FOR HELP SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS BY CALLING 732-946-2820 ext. 1307, 1306, 1304, OR 1308

How to Register a Business

Business Reg guide for owners Opens in new windowA Business can be registered in two steps. View or download our Business Registration & Occupancy Certificate Guide to help you register your Business.

Commercial Property, Business Condominium, and Residential Property Sales

Township Ordinance 12-4 requires that no person, agency, corporation, partnership, firm, company, owner, real estate agent, broker or any other individual shall rent, lease, sell, occupy, transfer title of any dwelling, dwelling unit, commercial building or space, or property without first obtaining a CCO certificate (Code Compliance Certificate). 

To obtain a Code Compliance Certificate please complete the Online Application for Occupancy Certificate for the Sale of a Commercial Property or Business Condominium.

CLICK HERE to learn more about obtaining a Code Compliance Certificate for the Sale, Lease or Rental of a Residential Property. 


Types of Business Space  

The Approval process required depends on the type of space you are going to operate in and if there is a construction permit associated with your business moving into the space. The business scenario and the type of Business Space define which process you must follow. Click below to learn more about each specific scenario.

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