What do I need to know about alarm systems?
Q. What is a false alarm?
A. A false alarm occurs when an alarm is reported, and police or fire agencies response and find no evidence of criminal activity or fire.

Q. What is a backup battery?
A. Almost all security systems have a rechargeable battery that powers the system for a minimum of four hours in the event of a power outage. If you have a wireless system, you may have several batteries in the sensors, as well as a backup battery.

Q. How can backup batteries cause false alarms?
A. If you have false alarms after a storm, it may not be the storm that caused the alarm. If your batteries are not up to the job, a false alarm may be generated when your alarm system powers up after a power failure caused by a storm. Even a short power failure of a second or less may be long enough to cause a false alarm.

Q. How can I reduce the chance that my battery will cause a false alarm?
A. Like all batteries, your backup has a useful life of about 3 to 5 years, but that life may be shortened if you have had several power outages. Your battery backup should be checked annually, or after any storm related false alarm, by an alarm technician, and replaced when needed.

Q. What other steps can I take to prevent a false alarm?
  • Make sure that your doors and windows are all locked before arming the system. Move your pets into an area that does not have a motion sensor.
  • Be sure that window dressings and plants are not affected by drafts from fans for air conditioning. Their movement may cause a motion sensor to activate.
  • Test your system monthly. Always contact your alarm company before you test the system.
  • Have your system tested by a technician annually or anytime you have an unexplained false activation.
  • Educate everyone who lives or works at the alarm site on the proper operation of the system.
  • Never give a key to someone who is not familiar with the alarm system.
Guidelines for Obtaining an Alarm Permit
The Township of Holmdel has adopted an ordinance regulating alarm systems within the Township. All existing and new systems must comply with the ordinance. An application form and copy of the ordinance may be picked up at Holmdel Police Headquarters, or downloaded from our Forms Page.

The application must be completed and returned to Police Headquarters as soon as possible. If we find that your alarm system complies with the requirements of the ordinance, a permit will be issued to you that will allow continued operation. The Holmdel Police Department will advise you of items that need to be changed or adjusted in order to comply with the alarm ordinance. Non-conforming alarm systems will be ordered removed.

False Alarms:
Due to an increased number of false alarms received by this Department, we request that in the event you are aware your alarm system has been activated accidentally, please call Police Headquarters immediately at 732-946-4400, and give your alarm permit number to the dispatcher. When it can be determined over the telephone that no problem exists at the alarm protected premises, there will be no police response to that premises. A false alarm that is cleared in this manner will not be charged to your record. However, excess false alarms, causing police or fire units to respond, will result in a summons requiring your appearance in Municipal Court.

Q. How many warnings can I receive before a summons is issued?
A. For the first and second false alarm in any 12 month period, a warning will be issued.

For the third false alarm in any 12 month period, a fine of $150 shall be paid to the Township.

For the fourth or any subsequent false alarm, a fine of $300 shall be paid to the Township.

Q. How long can my outdoor audible alarm sound?
A. All audible signaling device shall be equipped with a timing device to limit the sounding of the signaling device to fifteen (15) minutes or less – (see General Licensing, Chapter IV, Section 4-1).

Q. What is the fee for a permit?
A. Local alarms shall be registered, but no fee is charged.

Q. What is a central station response code?
A. This is question #9 on the application form. This is a code that is given to your alarm company or monitoring station when your alarm sounds. WE DO NOT WANT THE CODE NUMBER THAT OPERATES YOUR ALARM SYSTEM.

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