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1. Homeowner or Contractor...who should actually submit the construction permit application?
2. What construction permits do I need to submit?
3. What is the difference between a mechanical permit and a plumbing permit?
4. Do I need to submit construction plans with my permits?
5. Is an Architect required to draft construction plans and specifications?
6. Can I draft my own plans as a Homeowner?
7. Can my contractor draft their own plans?
8. What is required to be included in construction plans for a Single Family home?
9. How can I access New Jersey‘s construction codes?
10. Can I do my own work if I own the home?
11. When do I need a construction permit?
12. Do I need to wait to have a permit issued to start emergency work?
13. How long does it take to obtain a construction permit?
14. Is there any guidance on documents needed to obtain Construction Permits or final Certificates?
15. What construction inspections are required?
16. Can a pool barrier fence be shared with my neighbor?
17. How do I save money when filing for construction permits?
18. Who can I contact if I have questions concerning my construction permit?